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The workgroup "Ecological Branch Concepts" at the Institute for Enviromental Research (INFU) at the University of Dortmund

Former Staff                                         

Katia Lacasse
Dr. Werner Baumann †
Laura Faltz
Florian Verfuß
Irina Grothues
Ina Schulte
Mike Eiringhaus

Last Staff

Dr. Werner Baumann †
Dr. Mark Fleischhauer
Melanie Krüger
Ali Ünlü

For more than a decade, the main research focus of "Ecological Branch Concepts" (Product Integrated Environmental Protection) at the Institute of Environmental Research has been the registration and assessment of environmental pollution and workplace contamination by chemicals used in various industries.

The results of these projects are available through publications and have contributed an important objective viewpoint to the discussion concerning critical chemicals as well as groups of chemicals or products, which contain such harmful chemicals.



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