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Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) round about OEKOpro:

  1. Since which time is OEKOpro online?
    OEKOpro is one of the first independent database in the internet. The related work started in 1984 with a research project on behalf of the federal environmental agency (Umweltbundesamt), Berlin, Germany. Since 1986 OEKOpro is online.

  2. Which are the costs for the use of OEKOpro?
    None - the use of OEKOpro is absolute free of charge.

  3. Can I use OEKOpro unrestricted?
    Yes - OEKOpro can be used without restriction.

  4. Who has financed OEKOpro?
    OEKOpro is an absolute independent database, which is currently completed by the results and information of research projects. The data collection was mainly financed by the Federal Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt). Other donors is the EU-Commission, industrial companies, which are interested in detailed information for several chemicals and authorities, in their order we collected branch specific data. The programming is financed by the Institute for Environmental Research (INFU) and is currently completed by the idealistic job of several members of the OEKOpro-team.

  5. Who are the authors of OEKOpro?
    All over the time, the work on OEKOpro was located on many shoulders of the OEKOpro-staff-members. Some of them accompany us since the beginning, others supported our work over several weeks or month. Here is the alphabetic list of the OEKOpro-team since 1984:

    • M. Bartholomé
    • W. Baumann (Organisation, Koordination)
    • D. Breitenstein
    • S. Breiter
    • C. Cömert
    • M. Eiringhaus (Programmierung)
    • M. Funken
    • M. Gräfen
    • J. Grochowski (Programmierung)
    • W. Hammer (Universitätsbibliothek Dortmund)
    • A. Heik (Hoogovens Hille & Müller)
    • J. Hennes
    • B. Herberg-Liedtke
    • U. Hermann
    • A. Hinz
    • F. Hölter
    • M. Horst (Programmierung)
    • S. Horst (Programmierung)
    • B. Isfort
    • M. Ismeier
    • C. Kahl
    • E. Kahler-Jenett
    • M. Klare
    • S. Konarski
    • K. Lacasse.
    • L. Mense
    • A. Meyer
    • J. Moser
    • A. Muth
    • A. Nickel
    • L. Ostermann
    • D. Pollkläsner
    • B. Rönick
    • T. Rothardt
    • R. Scheffermann (Webdesign)
    • G. Schmies
    • C. Schmitt
    • B. Schunck
    • P. Sigmund
    • M. Steffens (Programmierung)
    • D. Vaupel
    • B. Venker
    • O. B. Warzecha (database redesign and programming)
    • G. Wegner (Strukturformelsuche)
    • A. Wille (Webdesign)
    • B. Zillmann

  6. Is OEKOpro a database for substances or products?
    OEKOpro is at first a database with information about substances or better single chemicals, which are used in several products. These products are used in various industrial branches. You will find also information about commercial products with the requested substance.

  7. What is the difference between OEKOpro and other database?
    OEKOpro is much more than a common chemical database, where you will find chemical and physical facts. Worldwide OEKOpro is the only database with substance specific information about there function in several technological processes or usages. That means, that you will find here - and only here - information that the substance X is used in one branch-specific-process as pH-regulator, in another as coagulating agent and e.g. in a third branch as recycling additive.

  8. Which are the data resources for OEKOpro?
    OEKOpro based on literature recherches with hundreds of sources, international recherches for related patents to find new or up to now not realised use areas for the related substance and many discussions with producers, users and authorities.

  9. Why is OEKOpro an interactive database?
    Your proposals and critics are always welcome. You can cooperate, send us data, ask questions, correct mistakes, add information or test our recherche competence for substances in which you are interested. Send us an e-Mail. You will participate as supporting user in a special lottery for our branch specific books. You searched OEKOpro for a substance and had no hit. Test us, send us a mail with your search criteria and all information you have collected up to now for the substance. We try to find your requested data information, add them to OEKOpro and fill up existing data lacks. You will be informed about the results by a separate mail.

  10. Can I add missing data to OEKOpro?
    Yes - we are thankful to any advice. Send us an e-Mail or a letter. You will participate as supporting user in a special lottery for our branch specific books.

  11. Can I order the branch specific books, which are presented at OEKOpro?
    Yes - at the book-site "Book-page" you will find a direct order link for all available titles. You also can buy all books at your bookseller, naturally.
    If you are a member of these lucky persons, who win in any game, you should send us your e-mail-adress and so participate in our book-lottery.

  12. What is the reason, that there are many German text files and phrases in OEKOpro?
    OEKOpro is originally a database in German language. That means, that many text files are still in that language. This is no disregarding of our english speaking visitors, it is still the lack of time to translate all files. If you have any problem to understand special aspects e.g. of the data provided, please contact us by e-Mail
    Thank you for your appreciation.

  13. Can I add my products with commercial names to OEKOpro?
    Yes - please send us as many information as possible by e-Mail or by letter. Your product-information will be added to OEKOpro and complete the database.

  14. What happens, if I don't find data in OEKOpro for the substance in which I`m interested?
    Send us an e-Mail or a letter with all available information, we will try to collect your missing data. This service is free of charge for you, if you are interested in one substance. For more extensive recherches we provide a special offer for you.

  15. Are there errors possible in OEKOpro?
    Yes! The OEKOpro-team-members are human beings, we make mistakes, have bad days and in some cases we set up on incorrect sources. Help us to correct errors! Please send us an e-Mail. Thank you for your support!


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