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OEKOpro with new design (June 2011)

OEKOpro is online with a new design.

OEKOpro added new features to the database (May, 2005)

On the basis of the "OECD's Database on Use and Release of Industrial Chemicals" you will find "Use Categories (UC)", "Industry Categories (IC)" and the notation from ChemUses (US-EPA) with the particular numbers. You will find these criteria on the OEKOpro page "Function" at the search-site of the database. Concerning the accoustomed - more detailled - OEKOpro-nomenclature everything will remain unaffected.

Future search categories

  • OEKOpro Categories (function, process)
  • Use Categories (UC)
  • Industry Categories (IC)
  • ChemUses

This is our new publication (January, 2004):

    Textile Chemicals
Environmental Data and Facts
Lacasse, K., Baumann, W.
2004, XXVI, 1180 p. 105 illus., 224 tabs., Hardcover
ISBN: 3-540-40815-0

→ Direct ordering (Springer Verlag)
→ Table of contents

This data- and factbook contains state-of-the-art information on the environmental aspects of 2,500 chemicals currently used in the textile industry worldwide. The authors have worked closely with industrial practitioners and managers of textile plants to ensure that only state-of-the-art science and technology are included. The texts preceding the extended tables present comprehensive overviews of the processes presently in use, as well as of important and relevant governmental regulations. The data sheet for each chemical spans carefully selected and relevant environmental and production-related data. In addition, textile engineers and specialists involved in the risk assessment and control of these chemicals will find that the overviews given on each chemical, its field of application and its function in production processes make this volume a valuable tool for their frequent reference.

Written for:

Environmental protection and control agencies of rural/urban/city/county and country district communities; governmental and non-governmental organizations on environmental protection; engineers in textile industry; environmental consultants


  • textile industry
  • textile finishing
  • environmental protection
  • environmental management
  • pollution


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