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OEKOpro is the first interactive chemical database on the Internet. Do you want to know which substances are contained in colors and varnishes, in printed products, batteries, tires, textiles, rubber products or photo developers and which chemicals are used in metall finishing? Are you interested in chemical/physical data or toxicological and ecological facts?

Do you want to know, why a substance is used in a product and whether there are alternatives which are better for the workplace or the environment? OEKOpro contains useful information for about 7.000 chemical substances. OEKOpro is free of charge and can be used unlimited.

Or do you want to view the structural formula in an animated three dimensional presentation or print out datasheets with all these informations?

All this - and more, is provided by OEKOpro.

Free of charge!


Copyright 2003-2011 by Institut für Umweltforschung der Fakultät Chemie - Impressum